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Citrus Medical Clinic - Website Redesign

Citrus Medical was in need of an aesthetic and organisational upgrade to their website. Acting as a main touchpoint for new and existing patients, the website needed to convey important information about visiting the clinic, while being easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and accessible for a large and diverse user group.

Role:  UX Strategist & Product Designer

Project Team:  Leticia Maya and Amy Tregubov

Skills:  User Research, Interviews, Optimal Workshop, Journey Mapping, Information Architecture, User Flows, Figma, Wix, Usability Testing

Project Challenges

Citrus' current website did not represent their professional value and unique place within the community. The website had grown to be out of date and difficult to upkeep with working in Wordpress. With the occurrence of COVID-19, the business had to shift to a virtual first approach to patient care and allow for online appointment booking using HealthMyself/Pomelo.

Project Goals

Our team would deliver a template solution for the Citrus team that would allow for future buildout and easy updating in Wix, while reorganising the structure and content of the site. Appointment booking processes would be well defined and the site would guide the user to learn more about Citrus' "Refreshing Approach to Healthcare."


In order to learn more about user expectations and needs, a variety of research methods were used to gain insight into the clinic industry and user thoughts on medical clinics:

  • User-representative Interviews

  • Open card sorting to assess navigation

  • Heuristic Analysis of current site

  • Competitive Analysis of other clinic sites

  • Staff Interviews

Key Findings

Users consider Convenience, Reputability and Human Connection the most when visiting medical clinic websites or considering a new family doctor. These themes would be the key focus in carrying forward with our design.

research docs.png

Ideation & Wireframing

Results from the card sorting and competitive analysis were used to develop an Information Architecture and navigation tree for the site. We moved forward with sketches, wireframes, and higher fidelity concept build-outs. 

Evaluation & Modification

While we were designing directly in Wix, it was crucial to perform usability testing before going live with the website. A Figma prototype was built to evaluate the design. Maze was used for usability testing with the user flows that were set out during the ideation phase. From the results, we were able to identify navigation and usability issues with our design and to validate the organisational structure of the site. 

citrus figma.png

Our Final Solution

After gathering feedback from the client and usability testing, and constant rounds of improvements, we arrived at our final design solution. The redesigned site acts as a template for future content buildout, while focusing on the clinic's wide range of services. Covid-19 information is prominently displayed and content is organised into the updated navigation menu, making the site easier to navigate and meet user/patient expectations. Doctors' biographies are now featured to highlight those that are accepting new patients. Visual hierarchy and variation is achieved throughout the design to make content easier to read and find the most important messages first.

home page.png
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